Lean Minded: 

50 Day Challenge

Only $147 USD! Start Date February 24th, 2020

Your Health

How has your year been so far health-wise? Great? Meh? Up and down? A trainwreck?

New Habits

What if THIS were the year you didn’t wait until January 1st to change habits?

New Year, New Beginnings

What if this time you had solid habits ALREADY in place well before the new year?

My new book

I’m excited to announce that with the release of my new book: Lean Minded: 50 Days to Mind and Body Transformation that I am launching a challenge like no other. This is your kickstart, your nudge, your springboard to success. And not the kind of “jumpstart” that involves restriction or “detoxing”.


for $147 USD only!

My new ebook FOR FREE

A free digital copy of my brand new book: Lean Minded: 50 Days of Mind and Body Transformation.

Access to my Facebook group

Access to my exclusive inner circle Facebook group.

Nudge Coach App

Access to the pro version of the Nudge Coach app – where you will check in, measure and record a few key items.

Daily Motivation

An interactive 50 daily posts with discussion/accountability/support

Access to Coaches

Access to coaches to ask questions.

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Start Changing Your Life!

This could be the year you actually LOSE fat and IMPROVE health in the most vulnerable time of year.

All for the introductory price of $147 USD.

Want in? Now is the time.

If you’re hesitant, let me help you out.

“Sounds great but… I’m away for 3 weeks”

No problem. Check in when you can and access previous days whenever possible.