The Lean Minded 6 Week Transformation Journey combines the very best of mindset, nutrition and training wrapped in a community of support and accountability.

There is a massive disconnect in how we as a society tackle weight loss. Rather than focusing solely on the surface-level physical aspects of fat loss (nutrition and exercise), we dig beneath the surface to help you remove the barriers that are preventing you from succeeding.

Our approach is the most comprehensive system available anywhere. We take all of the ingredients of what it takes for successful fat loss and personalize them and simplify them to guarantee success.

Almost all diet books and canned programs are simply cutting out categories of foods and claiming that specific foods are keeping people fat.

Most programs are nothing more than generic and arbitrary elimination of certain foods. This is a poor long term solution because it doesn’t take the individual into account.

Focusing solely on the X’s and O’s of food and exercise ignores the underlying mental processes associated with eating and exercise.

Eventually people can’t sustain the restrictions and fail to develop the basic habits that will keep them moving forward… 


Fat Loss Starts (And Perpetually Continues) In Your Head
- Neuroplasticity: Steps to rewiring your brain - Self-awareness zen - Making feedback loops work for you: The right triggers - Mastering Metacognition - The "pause, breathe, reflect" method for making healthy decisions - Self-talk mastery (the power of interrogative self-talk) - The failsafe relapse planner for when (not if) things go off the rails - Excuse-proofing: Learning to call BS on the most common justifications
Nutrition Basics For Health And Leanness & Nutrition Strategies For Getting And Staying Lean
- The nuts and bolts of effective fat loss training - Maximizing results in minimum time - The training hierarchy - Leveraging triggers for movement and action
Lifestyle Habits For Fat Loss: Sleep, stress relief



In a private studio or your home

our philosophy

Subconscious inhibitors

Break through subconscious inhibitors that are preventing progress in your weight loss and shift your mind towards better habits that will allow for optimal results.

Your potential

See your own potential and avoid emotional pitfalls that can pull you off track.

Re-wire your brain

Deploy willpower strategies that will keep you on track in social and emotionally challenging moments. Re-wire your brain to prioritize fat loss and health.

Eat healthfully

Eat healthfully and exercise no matter how busy, stressful or unmotivated life gets.

Manage cravings

Manage cravings, master portion control and implement strategies on how to eat well and train regardless of the circumstances.

lose fat and gain health

Master the art of enjoying the foods you love whilst still leaning out. Lose anywhere from 8-18 lbs in 6 weeks and continue to lose fat and gain health well after the 6 weeks is over.